Pure Pineapple Passion

Our Principles


To become one of Ghana’s leading suppliers of pineapples to the global markets and to work with domestic and international stakeholders to increase Ghana’s global share of this trading commodity.


Sam Valley Farms Ltd. strives to be one of its leaders in its field by producing tropical pineapple fruits of the highest quality to serve the global market. Sam Valley Farms Ltd. aims to become a household name globally for its product and aspires to be the exporter of choice for most international importers. Sam Valley continuously seeks to achieve its goals while maintaining the highest levels of social and environmental responsibility.

Core Values

  • Teamwork, Partnerships, and Cohesion
  • Integrity, Respect, and Moral Ethics
  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • Social Responsibility & Welfare
  • Environmental Awareness & Protection
  • Globalization & Growth

Environmental Sustainability

Sam Valley Farms operations contain a high level of economic effectiveness and environmental awareness. We stand for a clean farm and a healthy working environment according to sustainable principles. At our farm we train and educate all employees to adopt this agricultural sustainable mindset, and we strive at all times to minimise our impact on our beautiful environment.

The farm contains two national protected forests, which are treasured and respected in accordance with local culture. Local folklore tells us that those forests should not be entered on Tuesdays and Fridays, since you will get lost exploring them. Furthermore a big rainbow python, a huge antelope and little dwarfs who walk on ropes inhabit the forests. We treasure the rich history of our land, and listen to our local Chiefs and Kings to maintain important cultural traditions.

At Sam Valley Farms we make use of sustainable production systems that promote a clean and healthy working environment. For example, our fruit cleaning operations uses natural water drawn from our dammed lakes, which is passed through a thorough filtration and sterilization process before the harvested pineapples are washed in them. After washing is complete, the water is released back to the source (lakes) after passing through two natural filtration wells which ensure that the water is cleaned prior to its release back into the lakes which also sustains plant and fish life. We strive to make the most of our land and environment, while at the same time maintaining it and giving back as much as possible for a long term sustainable future.

Social Welfare

Social Welfare is of high importance at Sam Valley Farms, since our employees are the most valuable assets on our farm. We embrace a high Social Accountability Standard in our workplace concerning labour rights and worker health and safety. All of our employees are provided with protected clothing, extensive education and high quality support from the farm supervisors. The entire team of Sam Valley Farms is provided with National Health Insurance.

The involvement of Sam Valley Farms does not stop at our farm gates. Sam Valley Farms is not only supporting positive impacts in the local society by employing locally, we are an inherent part of the community. That is why we take pride in the fact that we engage in partnerships with local entrepreneurs. Our aim is that our business success should benefit the surrounding communities, enabling businessmen and woman to work on projects at Sam Valley Farms. The entire farm is built through local craftsmanship and contracts with high-level standards in mind. We know the positive stimulus our business has on the local plumber, timber man or constructor, and are proud to be working in these fruitful partnerships.