Pure Pineapple Passion

Our Pineapple Varieties

Pineapple varieties exist in some physical (weight, size, shape, texture and colour), physico-chemical (pH, titratable acidity and soluble solids), chemical (soluble sugars and organic acids), biochemical characteristics (total dietary fibre, peroxidase activity and soluble protein) and sensorial attributes (appearance, flavour, odour, colour, firmness and acceptability). Within the 100s of different kind of pineapples, only 8 of them are cultivated commercially.

Sam Valley Farms harvests the MD2 pineapple, and is currently in the process to reintroduce the Smooth Cayenne to our fertile soil. We select only premium suckers, then plant and harvest according to European Standards. We train our people to adopt a high sense of environmental awareness and agricultural sustainability in our farming practices to promote a healthy and clean work environment. Our pineapples are grown with the greatest care, which results in a high quality fresh taste sensation; the Sam Valley Pineapple.


queen victoria

smooth Cayenne

sugar loaf

MD2 pineapple: has medium to large (1.3 – 2.5 kg) cylindrical fruits with an intense yellow color. The clear yellow pulp is sweet, compact and with lower fibre and acidity, although it can contain as much as four times more vitamin C than regular varieties. It is high in sugar (15 -17o Brix) and ascorbic acid but lower in total acid than “Smooth cayenne”. It has a nine day longer post harvest shelf life of 30 days when compared to other varieties and it is able to survive in cold storage for up to 2 weeks. It was originally introduced in Costa Rica and has now become the standard variety for most large pineapple producers all over the world.

Queen Victoria pineapple: has a small fruit of weight 0.5-1kg with a full yellow shell when ripe. The pulp is crispy and sweet (14 to 18 o Brix) with an excellent flavor and shelf life. Exports from this variety are about 2.5% in Ghana.

Smooth Cayenne pineapple: has large fruits (1,5 -2.5 kg) and suitable for fresh processing. The flesh is pale yellow, soft and juicy, with sugar of 13-19 o Brix.

Sugar Loaf pineapple: is characterized by conical fruit shape, pale color of flesh and sweet fruits with little acidity. Fruit size may range from 0.5 1.5kg. Production is concentrated in the Mfantseman District of the Central Region in Ghana. Most fruits are harvested for the local market.