Pure Pineapple Passion

Our Organization

At Sam Valley Farms we are all part of a big growing family, currently consisting of approximately 125 workers. We employ the majority of our staff from the nearby communities such as: Ahentia; Bawjiase; Bentum; Bontrase; Bosomabba; Chochoe; Loye and Ofankor.


We are very pleased to introduce you to our great Sam Valley Farms team:


  • Mr. Dimitri De Pues Managing Director
  • Mr. Bernd Scheuermann General Manager
  • Mr. Gabriel Mawuenyega Farm Manager
  • Mr. Daniel Osei Bonsu Agronomist / Assistant Farm Manager
  • Mr. Micheal Quaye Administrative Officer
  • Mrs. Dalphine Baisie Secretary


  • Mr. Nashiru Mohammed Chemical Supervisor
  • Mr. Daniel Sosu Land Preparation Supervisor
  • Mr. Simon Akpakpli Planting Supervisor
  • Mr. Clifford Nsakyi Weeding Supervisor
  • Mr. John Sorkpoo Chemical Assistant Supervisor

Other field workers include Team Leaders, Sprayers, etc.