Pure Pineapple Passion

Nutritional Facts

Pineapple is the worlds most healthy fruit available and worlds number one selling detox fruit. The tropical taste sensation is a low-fat, cholesterol-free source of many nutrients, and a superbooster for vitamin C and Manganese. Vitamin C is the body’s primary water-soluble antioxidant, defending all aqueous areas of the body against free radicals that attack and damage normal cells. Manganese is an important mineral to the formation of bone, as well as the creation and activation of certain enzymes. Another important nutrient is the presence of Bromelain, a proteolyctic digestive enzyme that aids in the digestion of proteins, working to break proteins down into amino acids.


Furthermore the fruit is very low in saturated fat, Cholestorol and Sodium, and functions as a good source of Dietery Fiber, Thiamin, vitamin A, vitamin B, Copper and Potassium. Other minerals, such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Zinc are present in smaller amounts.

Being a great source of fibres and carbohydrates and its vast array of carbs makes the pineapple a healthy energy boosting bite, and will provide you an immediate sugar surge to be active. This natural snack is therefore an excellent alternative for sugary sweets and chocolates and will fit excellent in a healthy diet.

Calorie information

Pineapple 165gram

DV %

Calories  82.5 (345 kJ)


  From Carbohydrate  77.8 (326 kJ)
  From Fat  1.7 (7.1 kJ)
  From Protein  3.0 (12.6 kJ)
  From Alcohol  0.0 (0.0 kJ)

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